getting to know me...

I have a mom who knows all the latin names of plants and advocated for native plant habitats, a dad who was a pediatrician for over forty five years, and yet I denied the interwoven destiny I was to play out for quite some time. I continue to realize how deeply nourishing and powerful connecting with plants, in my case especially ones that heal the body and spirit, could be for me personally and for our community. There is nothing more grounding than putting my hands in the dirt, caring for a plant seedling from its inception until it arrives in a mug of tea or tincture formula.


My journey began as I connected with farmers in Latin America, folks whose only (and quite powerful option) quite literally was the plant medicine right outside their doors. After the death of my dog Ernie and some serious vocational questioning, I felt a deep need to be grounded and therefore sought out work on a local organic farm as well as herbal studies with Suki Roth, a local community herbalist. The pieces began to coalesce. I am so grateful to have been a student of Suki's from 2013 - 2015. I completed Rosemary Gladstar's home study course in the Fall of 2016 and am now in David Winston's program through 2018. I speak Spanish, consider myself a global citizen, and I’ve always been fascinated by tropical and sub-tropical landscapes and traditions and now the new / old ways of permaculture and I include these elements in my herb growing and community engagement practices in NC as well.


I want what has quickly become a deep abiding love of plants and their capabilities to be one that is accessible to all and not intimidating at any level.


As a herb farmer in Chatham county North Carolina, I get the gift of connecting to the plants at their most basic and complex levels - learning more each day what the seeds, plants, and soil need to become the best medicines. This work is both rewarding and challenging, with daily reminders to try my best to live in alignment with nature and to let go when necessary. My intention is to grow only what I can sustainably manage, to grow in alignment with ecologically sound practices, and to share what I know about growing, harvesting, and processing with the community at large.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my partner in herbal divinations and adventures - hound of a dog - Ruby Rue. Ruby came to me when I was beginning to fall in love with the herbs. She is a teacher as well - foraging on blackberry leaves, comfrey, cleavers, and fresh spring shoots of goldenrod - and her intuition is something I love to witness.

And, when I'm not covered in dirt or talking about herbs, you can find me knitting sweet hats and gloves and facilitating for, consulting with and interpreting / translating for small non-profit organizations and businesses involved in social justice. Take a look at Popish Facilitation if you like!

To be a good herbalist you must have your hands in the soil of your creations.
— Rosemary Gladstar