My recent experiences with poppysol and the oh so lovely Hannah have been too great not to share …

I have visited Hannah's beautiful property now for a class, a retreat and an herbal consultation. Each experience has been comfortable, inviting, informative and relaxing. Hannah opens her home and her land warmly; allowing you to experience her work in a unique and meaningful way. My herbal consultation was particularly meaningful - Hannah sent a very thorough intake form prior to my visit, which allowed us to have a very fruitful conversation during my visit. Hannah's questions, both in the intake form and in person, were helpful in guiding my own thoughts, and helped me to really solidify what it is I was looking for from plant medicine at this time. Her knowledge is evident, but her approach is very accessible. The class and retreat opportunities I participated in made for a great way to connect with friends, relax, recharge and learn. 

Additionally, I am a huge fan of several poppysol products! I love Hannah's tea blends - especially Relaxed and Warm and Well. Also, I used Sober Sidekick, the tea and the tincture, to assist in a month long cleanse that was a satisfying, fulfilling and deeply beneficial for my health. And my partner regularly uses the Joint + Muscle Body Balm on his hands after daily computer use. 

Hannah's products and the experiences she is manifesting on her farm are so enriching - I feel fortunate to have plant medicine in my life, especially from a practitioner as thoughtful and caring as Hannah! 

- Erin