custom tea blend

custom tea blend


Through email or a phone chat, we can determine what tea blend is exactly right for you! 

Previous blends have included fertility support, sleep aid, detoxification, and simply taste good combinations - mints, lemon balm, and anise hyssop are in full production right now! 

In addition, I enjoy making house tea blends for spas and salons for their patrons to sip and enjoy while relaxing into their services! Be in touch and we can co-create something special for your business.


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"In a world of generic, mass-produced products, Hannah Popish's tea blends are a revelation! Seeing all the beautiful plant parts - flower buds, leaves, stems - all intentionally grown, curated, and mixed together is a delight to the senses before you even get to the step of brewing and drinking the tea. Then, once you take a sip, the taste buds explode with the strong, rich, earthy flavors. It is a true gift to the soul and senses to enjoy tea this beautiful, good for your health and thoughtfully prepared." - Sara Johnson, herbal enthusiast.