Sober Sidekick Package

Sober Sidekick Package


The overarching goal of  the Sober Sidekick tea and tincture is to support your liver as it resets and calm and tonify your nervous system that is used to reaching for a quick fix. The tea is delicious hot OR cold - perfect for any time of year. And both of these supports include healthy antioxidants, energy boosts, and antiinflammatory and circulatory enhancement to pump out what you don’t need and boost what you do!

In your tea:

Green Tea - antioxidants, vitamin rich

Holy Basil - relieve brain fog, soothes anxiety, uplifting

Calendula - gut support, flower power!

Lemon Verbena - soothe anxiety, digestive support

Rosemary - circulation, memory boost

The tea has a light, bright, lemony taste that is slightly sweet, spicy and smooth. due to the oxidation of the holy basil it turns a nice rosy shade.

In your tincture:

Kudzu - decrease desire to drink

Oats, Lemon Balm, Passionflower - calm, nourish, and support the nervous system 

Holy Basil - relieves brain fog, soothe anxiety, uplifting

Turmeric - liver love, antiinflammatory, antioxidants, circulation support

The tincture does include organic alcohol as a means of extracting the plant material so it is not ideal for someone who is taking an abstinence approach. Due to the turmeric it is a bright cheerful hue but take caution as it stains! The taste is green, lemony, slightly earthy, and finishes with a tingle.

Disclaimer - neither the tea nor the tincture are a cure or substitutes for seeking help and resources needed for addiction. They are plant based supports to be your sidekick on a larger journey.

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